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DAIMIA is a young company with leading engineering IT Consulting for all R&D processes and applications aspects of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) especially in the development from vehicle concept up to production and sales. DAIMIA supports your digital transformation with new technology. We advise and provide services for design, production and service relating to strategic technology such as digital twins, Industry 4.0, IoT artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent application, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Our Services
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Dipl.-Ing. Mehmet Kaya, Managing Partner

We focus on Business Process Transformation instead of Business Process Improvement!

" Innovative products and services are entering the market and are often just as quickly replaced by "better ones". In order to remain competitive in the future, it is necessary that internal processes run as efficiently as possible. However, digitization is also changing the requirements for business processes. Some traditional work processes are rendered obsolete by end-to-end automation, while others are raised to a new level of quality. Processes no longer need to be cost-effective and efficient, but above all agile, flexible, individual and future-oriented. The continuous questioning of existing business processes as well as the ability of companies to transform are therefore increasingly becoming factors of success. This requires AI-based technologies with which it is possible to efficiently find, interpret and process information so that concrete answers to questions can be obtained from them. This enables companies to continuously adapt their business processes and processes to changing market and general conditions. Efficient processes are one of the most important basics for the competitiveness of companies. New technologies can be used to transform business processes and workflows, generating essential competitive advantages. "

Our Services


According to long past years experiences, DAIMIA provides solutions as be aware of customer needs in CAD/CAM area. Perspective of DAIMIA is to guide customers with innovative solutions.


We build an effective and efficient PLM infrastructure for realizing increased business value from PLM solutions. We are passionate in helping our clients through innovative technologies and solution concepts.

Software Development

Together with our expert team we transform your ideas into Software Products. With DAIMIA you have a guide for validating your ideas and bringing them to life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How to use AI to increase your company's revenue, reduce costs and strengthen your market leadership.

Smart Factory

Manufacturing industry is changing fast. We deliver smart solutions for digital transformation journey.


We present reality technologies to customers to gain momentum and give competitive advantages. Reduce human error, save time and increase efficiency make you one step ahead.

Our Projects

Factory Cockpit

    Revolution in the overall management of your factory

  • 3D factory / shopfloor visualisation
  • Operations & KPI`s in real time
  • Notification center
  • Connect as many data sources as you wish (OEE, MES, OPC / SCADA / ERP) and more
  • Optimized for touchscreens
  • Mobile App included (Android, iOS)
  • And much more...

Production Control

    Efficient production planning, tracking and execution

  • Complete Digitization of Kanban
  • Multilevel production – Upstream
  • Synchronized with any ERP
  • Manage Finish & Semi-Finish lines
  • Intuitive and focused on the user
  • Kanban on tablets / smartphones
  • And much more...

Maintenance Control

    Smart, mobile and lean maintenance management

  • Cockpit for maintenance planners
  • Ready to be used on the shopfloor
  • Daily operations, intuitively
  • Oriented to users and their needs
  • Synchronized with any ERP
  • Optimized for tablets / mobile devices
  • Barcode scanners


Human Resources

The DAIMIA family offers a working environment based on mutual respect, love and trust, and adopts a human-oriented management approach. As a sensitive and democratic company that supports development, teamwork and agile organization, we always see our employees at the center of our business.

Recruitment Process

DAIMIA makes sure that candidates have the following main competencies :
  • Solution Oriented
  • Being Innovative and Creative
  • Ability to Teamwork
  • Being a Finisher
  • Able to Manage Changement
  • Participating in Global Projects

Competency Based Interview and English and / or German Level Assessment are applied in the evaluation of the applicants in accordance with the requirements of the position.

As a result of all these evaluations, our company offers a job to the candidates who are suitable for the position and they start to work. Our aim is to ensure that people are placed in a department appropriate to their qualifications by questioning their knowledge, skills and competences.

Join the DAIMIA family if you want to continue your career in teams with global business where technology and engineering meet. If you have these features for open positions, you can send your resume to cv@daimia.com.

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